The Villorba Corse Racing Team was founded in 1992 by a group of friends who were car racing fans, and takes its name from that of a small town north of Treviso.

From the start the founders decided to focus on top organisational and racing quality; at first they competed almost exclusively in the hill climbing races, but soon expanded progressively to include other motor sports specialties, always using sports prototypes which are its characterising feature.

Top quality at a group level was also the main driver of the choice of cars and pilots and, in time, the group collected a fleet mostly comprising sports prototypes characterised by a mix of high technology and successful image. Equal importance has always been attributed to assistance and service, as good service and assistance are essential for efficiency and competitiveness in the race field and also for the image of the Racing Team and, consequently for that of its business partners.

And this is why the Villorba Corse Racing Team owns several colourful motorhomes, car carrier trailers, service caravans, etc.

With time, feeling the need to integrate its sports activities with activities of a more commercial nature, the Villorba Corse Racing Team started offering sports management and targeted sponsoring services, thus providing a wealth of opportunities for those who wish to promote their name and brand in the car racing world and the sports world in general. The efforts of all the people connected with this great little Team from Treviso have been amply rewarded during the years.

The diligent work of the team and the numerous victories of its pilots led to 6 continental championships, 5 Italian championships, 5 Coppa Italia wins, 2 racing team super challenge wins and 3 consecutive victories in the 6 Hours of Vallelunga. The year 2000 was especially tragic for the team with two terrible accidents causing the deaths of its President, Luigi Amadio, and its first pilot, Fabio Danti, and marked the team’s new course.

2001 is remembered as the year the team started again. In a climate of uncertainty concerning the future of the sports activity, Villorba Corse decided to renovate the entire structure, with big and interesting novelties in several fields. First of all, the company greatly developed its operations, successfully expanding in different sectors: hill climbing, Fabio Danti Trophy, Sports Prototypes World Championship. They encouraged and supported several young talents who would later continue their career racing for the Villorba Corse Racing Team.

The year 2002 went down in Team history as one of the richest and most interesting years in terms of results, with a first place in the European Hill Climbing Championship (Franz Tschager), in the Italian Hill Climbing Championship (Simone Faggioli) and in the Italian Sports Prototypes Championship for the class 2000 (Elisa Giordan). That season was characterised by the announced corporate consolidation, culminating in the building and opening of the new corporate factory. The second edition of the Fabio Danti Trophy received the enthusiastic approval of the federation and the field experts. The following years saw the development of young talents at the wheel of sports prototypes. After Andrea De Biasi, the season saw the victory of Omar Magliona in the 2002 Fabio Danti Trophy.

And in 2003 the Team, led by Raimondo Amadio, gained prizes upon prizes, again gaining first place in the European Hill Climbing Championship (Denny Zardo), first place in the Italian Hill Climbing Championship (Simone Faggioli) and in the sports prototypes CSAI Trophy (Elisa Giordan). Maurizio Morlino won the Fabio Danti Trophy, thus becoming a member of the development program for young people of the Treviso concern.

The 2004 season started with the participation in the Italian Sports Prototypes Championship on a race track with Denny Zardo and in the European Hill Climbing Championship with Andrea De Biasi, Both of the Villorba Corse Racing Team pilots were at their best in a long season characterised by a generally high level of performance, winning the track Championship in their first participation in the sports prototypes category and coming in second in the European Hill Climbing Championship.

Then in 2005, wile planning a new racing programme, the Villorba Corse Racing Team decided to concentrate on hill climbing events only, participating in the Italian Hill Climbing Championship with Denny Zardo, with the purpose of officially testing the Avon tyres. Thanks to its successful co-operation with the English manufacturer, at the end of the season the Team bagged the first place in the Italian Absolute Championship with an Osella PA 21/S Honda 2000. The team took part in the first two races of the Le Mans Endurance Series Championship (1000 km of Spa and 1000 Km of Monza) coming in fifth both times.

The 2006 season marked the entry into the GT world, with the purchase of a Ferrari F430 GT2 and its first participation in the Italian GT Championship. Keeping its sports philosophy unchanged, Villorba Corse decided to adopt a multi-annual program to create a top level work team, including by hiring two such pilots as Denny Zardo and Alex Caffi and by entrusting the technical management of the team to engineer Mr Angiulli. After a season of intense struggles the team won the Championship in its first season and started the 2007 program as the official Pirelli team in the Le Mans Series.

In 2007, as latest Italian champions in the category, Raimondo Amadio’s team succeeded in obtaining the official Pirelli team contract and could therefore participate in all the le Mans Series championship races, including such classic endurance races as the 1000 km of Monza and the 1000 km of Spa Francorchamps, which in that year was confirmed as the most prestigious European championship for sports prototypes and grand tourers. The blue-and-white Ferrari of the Treviso team driven by the Caffi-Zardo team turned out to be quite successful in that season, earning a final 4th place in the overall GT2 ranking, with better results than those of many of the strongest European teams.

In the 2008 season the Villorba Corse Racing Team went back to compete in two categories, 25 races in which the team participated with Denny Zardo on a Reynard Mugen in the Italian Hill Climbing Championship and the Alex Caffi-Emanuele Mancini team on a Ferrari F430 GT2 in the Italian GT Championship. In this season back at the top the return to hill climbing racing brought back the technical co-operation with Avon and the winning of the umpteenth Italian title. On the circuits, another season at the top ended in the last race, with an excellent second place overall and a difference of only two points from the winners.

In 2009 the team started competing with GT cars in the hill climbing world: after being one of the main racing teams in the hill climbing category, with sports and formula cars, that year they decided to accept the challenge of trying to win also with GT cars and demonstrate their eclectic skills once more. They did it, too, with an impressive streak of excellent placements that allowed Denny Zardo to win the Italian GT Championship.

After that, in 2010 it was back to the racing track. Again, the car was a GT car and the pilots were Emanuele Mancini and a newly hired Andrea Montermini who, like Caffi, came from the Formula 1 series: they would both take part in the Italian Grand Tourer Championship with a Ferrari 430 GT2, launching another successful streak that led the team to win the second Italian GT Championship after the 2006 one and after coming in second in 2008.

The year 2011 saw the start of the Ferrari 458 era and Villorba Corse was one of the first teams to receive and race the wonderful, extremely powerful GT2 version of the Maranello car, which led the racing team to three sensational seasons in the International GT Open. In 2011 the Montermini-Moncini duo fought to the last race, ending up in second place in the championship ranking.

In 2012 the Montermini-Lopez duo had another exciting racing season, ending up in fifth place in the championship ranking, and 2013 was the year of absolute victory, with Andrea Montermini and Luca Filippi, followed by Davide Rigon, winning the GT Open.

This was the last season won by a GT2 car, as from then on the challenge became racing the more modern GT3 models.

In 2014 Villorba Corse, too, decided to step up to the next level and, after 3 wonderful seasons with the Ferrari 458 GT2, chose to go with the new GT3 version of the Maranello model, and to adopt a new corporate strategy that would see the team competing on multiple fronts at the same time. The philosophy of “one season - one championship” was abandoned.

The first year with the GT3 saw the team participate in the International GT Open, the Blancpain GT Sprint and the Blancpain Endurance Series.

And it was in the latter series that Villorba Corse came to compete with the top representatives of international car racing, obtaining an astounding victory it its very first engagement in the pro am series that turned it into one of the top teams in GT competitions.

In 2015 the company capitalised on its activities in the GT sector and developed and launched a new side activity in the new Lmp3 category of the European Le Mans Series. This was the perfect introduction to the racing team’s main goal: the big prototypes endurance races and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This goal was pursued in the course of the entire 2016 season, while working hard in the Lmp3 and European Le Mans series, and the attempt was made in 2017.

The season opened with the racing team going into the prestigious Lmp2 class and with the admission to participate in the classic French marathon race.

The rest is history: seventh place on their first participation and great satisfaction all around.

In 2018 came the second participation in the 24 Hors of Le Mans, together with several important partnerships that led Villorba Corse to develop its organisation and turn into SVC the Motorsport Group.

The small Treviso enterprise that started with hill climbing competitions is now a comprehensive structure that can compete in all the most important motor sport series in the world at the same time and a market that goes from Europe to the Middle East and to most of Asia.

2019, for the third time Villorba corse joined the wonderful 24h of Le Mans and finished the race with a very professional structure working all long the 24h. In the same year a new project in Asia Le mans Series was started (ACE 1 Villorba Corse) and thanks to it it was possible to race in China, Australia, Malesia and Thailandia winiing the last race and finishing 2nd in championship classification

2020 ALTHOUGHT THE BIG PANDEMIC drama that invested all the global competions Villorba Corse didn’t stop and launched a new partnership besides Trivellato Racing in GT4 competition. it was the first step go a mid term strategy the will take the binomio very soon in a European Dimension

2021will be the return in the most important international championships and we are very excite for this !!